Sustainable Travel

Our commitment to the enviroment and communities

We are aware of the types of impacts that tourism has on local communities and ecosystems, and have been fully committed to lead sustainable travel in Rainbow Mountain. One of our main goals is to always bring positive changes to all around us in more ways than one.


Local communities are the pilars and hearts of tourism and for many years have warmly welcomed us every day on our path to Rainbow Mountain. As a way to give back, we are active in contributing to community initiatives to improve living standards, economic growth, and quality education in the remote areas and a percentage of our proceeds go directly to social work. We’re all here together and should help each other grow together.

Also, as a Peruvian company, we adhere and respect local taxes, national laws and international standards to help the overall growth of local tourism.


As an organization, it’s our responsibility to protect and take care of the environment which we visit. We are active on environmental campaigns, practice offsetting carbon emissions, and are trained on how to cause the least negative impact possible.

As a travel group, we make sure to respect the marked paths to the mountain, properer disposal of any waste and no negative interaction with local wildlife.